Benchmarking as it’s done at professional clubs and academies

Clubs, training groups, and individual athletes now have the chance to experience a football-specific benchmarking test inside the SoccerBot360. Objective parameters of each skill and ability can be used for optimizing training efforts and tracking progress.

Football- specific

All tests are being done with the ball at the players’ feet which demands sport-specific movement patterns

Scientifically Proven

Tests were evaluated in cooperation with sports scientists and psychologists from different universities

Accurate Measurements

A high-speed camera captures parameters accurately to provide valid and comparable data

Simple Handling

Tests are easily being started via tablet. Instructions are displayed inside the SoccerBot360 for the player to see

Broad Variety of Tests

15 different benchmarking tests offer valid determination of technical skills and cognitive abilities


A detailed evaluation sheet of the scores enables a straight-forward determination of skill

Diagnostic Packages

SoccerBench - The OriginalWhat we offer:Organizing the execution of the Benchmarking test at the SoccerBot venue of your choiceProviding a manual with descriptions and best-practice advice prior to the session for preparationSummary of scores according to the standardized SoccerBench evaluation sheet 99€per player testing*Prices Switzerland - 109,00 CHF per player testing*minimum purchase amount: 10 player testingsPOPULAR
What we offer:Holistic consulting for individual compilation of tests5 tests for individual executionOrganizing the execution of the Benchmarking test at the SoccerBot venue of your choiceBest-practice advice prior to the session for preparationSummary of scores according to the standardized SoccerBench evaluation sheet99€per player testing**minimum purchase amount: 25 player testingsPrices Switzerland - 109,00 CHF per player testing, 1.700 CHF consulting feeplus 1500€ one-time consulting feeSoccerBench - Individual

SoccerBench - The Original

Different professional clubs and academies use the SoccerBench testing to determine football-specific cognitive abilities of their players. Over 1000 different anonymous sets of data from talents and athletes of various ages and playing levels have been collected so far and can be used for interpretation.

SoccerBench – The Original determines the skill level and also the potential in areas like simple reaction, choice reaction, anticipation, working memory, and passing precision. Hence, it’s a great fit for scouting purposes and the recurring evaluation of training progress for talents.

SoccerBench- The Original has a duration of approximately 18 minutes per player and contains the following single tests.

  • Simple Reaction-SB360 (Simple reaction)
  • Stressed Inclination-SB360 (Anticipation)
  • Stroop Number-SB360 (Inhibition)
  • Pass Precision-SB360 (Passing precision)
  • Corsi-Block-Short-SB360 (Working memory)

SoccerBench - Individual

The SoccerBot360 Benchmarking software contains a total of 15 single tests which evaluate football-specific cognitive abilities. At SoccerBench – Individual every client can choose its own sequence of single tests to create an individual testing procedure.

  • Simple Reaction-SB360 (Simple reaction)
  • Complex Reaction-SB360 (Reaction)
  • Stressed Inclination-SB360 (Anticipation)
  • Simple Inclination-SB360 (Anticipation)
  • Color Combination-SB360 (Visual search)
  • Trajectories-SB360 (Anticipation)
  • Stroop Number-SB360 (Inhibition)
  • Flanker-Test-SB360 (Inhibition)
  • FlexCo-SB360 (Cognitive flexibility)
  • Corsi-Block-SB360 (Working memory)
  • Corsi-Block-Short-SB360 (Working memory)
  • 2 Back Task-SB360 (Working memory)
  • 3 Back Task-SB360 (Working memory)
  • Pass Precision Pre-Orientation-SB360 (Passing precision)
  • Pass Precision-SB360 (Passing precision)

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