Company Fitness Subscription

Your employees deserve it! The SoccerBot360 offers a unique method in the
corporate healthcare space through a quick and effective workout in an
attractive 360° gaming environment. An increase of concentration and
enhancement of other cognitive functions are part of the benefits. We offer a
subscription-based model for companies that look to add something special to
their corporate benefits which will increase their employees’ well-being and offer a bonus in the recruiting process.


Something truly special for your next event? Whether it’s a birthday party, team event, workshop, public viewing or Christmas party – sports combined with gaming equals lots of fun at your event! The best thing: it’s not just for soccer only! Play with your feet or with your hands – with our SoccerBot360 team-modes, battle-modes and highscore competitions you anyone will have a blast! An unforgettable 360° sports and entertainment experience like no other! Enjoy lots of action in a 2-hour period with 10-20 people and make your event unforgettable!

Single Sessions / Training Subscription

The SoccerBot360’s training experience is loved by people around the world. Whether your aim is professional training like at top clubs of Champions League, Premier League and Bundesliga or just a kickabout with friends and colleagues after work – SoccerBot360 offers a train&entertain experience like no other! Book your session now and become part of the SoccerBot community!

Soccerbot360 Locations


Ochtrup (Germany)


Berlin (Germany)


Zurich (Switzerland)


San Antonio (USA)


Cairo (Egypt)

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